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    PvP weapon

    Hi. Just curios what maths out to be better for pvp T1 upgraded weapon or normal mode Shin'ka also upgraded + legendary gem.

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    In terms of PVP PVP power destroys anything anywhere in terms of pvE stuff regardless of outcome, That's how good PVP power is. So the PVP T1> Your pvE weapon however I'm not a warrior just a basic understanding of PVP power > pvE stuff now in this expansion.

    In terms of pvE of course your legendary axe thing is going to beat it pretty badly.

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    Im asking because I remember reading some topics a while ago stating that the sword from Elegon was better than the T1 for pvp because the higher weapon dps was actually better than the 10%(not completely sure about this number) pvp power T1 gave at the time.

    That was a couple of months ago and since then pvp power on weapons has been buffed.
    So is 1035 (27.35%) more weapon dps better than 5141 (19.40%) pvp power?

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    I believe 27.35% more weapon dps isn't a net gain of +27.35% increased damage.
    Probably less than 19.40%.

    Go with PvP.

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