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    Looking for a good card game..

    Hey guys, I really wanna get myself a good exiting card game to play with my friends. Something that's fun, and also has some depth. I'm looking at a game called Citadels https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/478/citadels, what is your opinion on that game and can you recommend other games?

    PS: I'm already familiar with MtG, thanks
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    TCG wise you have 3 easy options
    YuGiOh! - just had a format and rule revamp along with a very good starter deck just the other week
    Final Fantasy Opus 1/2 - just launched this year with very solid premade decks based on the videogames as themes per deck and only two booster sets right now so not a huge mess of ideas to deal with
    Force of Will - a little older and more niche but easy to play and cheap if you know where to look

    Complete game wise
    Bloodborne - a very little known all in one box card game based on the PS4 game.
    Forbidden island - a game where you play cards to escape an island thats sinking as the game goes on and cards effect the way it sinks and what treasures you find to progress

    wild card
    Malifaux - a hybrid of cards and model based tabletop. You buy a box that includes 5-7 figures as your 'crew' in an alternate wild west with magic, ghosts, zombies, goblins and so on and instead of dice play with a deck of real world playing cards and cheat for crits and its very strange but its a game played using cards alright.
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    Once Upon A Time is a storytelling card game. You are supposed to tell a story with the cards in your hand. If someone says something that is in your list of cards you can interrupt them and continue the story with your cards. Very fun.
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    Would totally recommend Force of Will. Great game me and my friends recently got into.

    - Very similar to MtG so it was easy for us to pick up.
    - Not extremely popular from a collector/investor standpoint so the cards are dirt cheap.
    - Game play is very fluid, card art is more cartoony if you're into that, just all around good game.
    - Company that owns Force Of Will is very open to suggestions it seems, they made mistakes in previous sets and the player base railed, new sets coming out this week seem to address alot of the issues.

    10/10 would recommend homie

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    Online card games that could be fun are gwent and elder scrolls legends

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    Gwent! its really fun even if they changed it some from the game still good.

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    MAD. Best card game ever.

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