View Poll Results: favorite color?

236. You may not vote on this poll
  • red

    51 21.61%
  • orange

    22 9.32%
  • yellow

    17 7.20%
  • green

    61 25.85%
  • pink

    6 2.54%
  • purple

    47 19.92%
  • black

    47 19.92%
  • brown

    6 2.54%
  • other

    12 5.08%
  • blue

    87 36.86%
  • white

    14 5.93%
  • grey

    19 8.05%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Hot pink on black. I don't really have a single color that I could call my favorite though. If I had to pick, maybe white or silver.

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    I have always been kind of a hipster for saying my favorite colour was sapphire-blue. Don’t know what basic colour I like the most. It’s a pretty meaningless topic to be honest. Just colours. I like all colours.

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    My favorite color is red.

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    Blue of cause. A strong royalblue. Nothing can beat it^^

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    I like light jade green. Similar to the Monk color/spell effects in WoW.

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    My favourite colour is White - even though I know that a lot of people don't count it as such. Followed by Gold.
    White/Gold is the prettiest colour combination out there.

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    Blue and Grey. I hate Pink a lot!

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    It's gotta be red. Though blue is definitely a close second.

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    Red is the superior color

    Green is great as well

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    Silver - not on list.

    Meanwhile - OCD sufferers are having seizures with the choices
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    Red and maybe green.

    Dark red to be precise.

    I like black too but it's not really a color.

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    Green because it reminds me of my favorite video game character Link from The Legend of Zelda. I like blue, red, purple, and orange too. Although I'm more into the darker shades of colors. I don't really consider white, grey or black to be colors but I like those too. Only ones I don't really like are brown and yellow. I can like yellow if it's combined with something like green because then it becomes Zelda colors but by itself it's too bright. Brown is just a dirty color. It represents dirt and poop. Looks good on leather though.
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    Bluish green and reddish blue.

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    blue blue blue!!!!!

    Especially girls with blue hair!!!

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    every colors are nice looking, and I believe our favorite color is tied to the most beautiful thing we've seen, sky, a sunset, a gem, whatever of that particular color
    then we take that as our favorite color and we stick with that idea forever

    for me it's green

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    Your coffee.

    I like jewel tones. Red, green, blue, purple.
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    I actually didn't vote because I tend to like different colors in different places. I love all of the different greens in nature, but I don't really prefer green clothes or cars. I tend to love red cars but I would never want a red house. Really all colors can be great depending on where they are!

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    Red since I enjoy danger, even though I don't always have the stomach for it. Followed by green, because nature has a pretty soothing effect on the mind or so I like to think.

    PS: Aren't Americans supposed to spell the last color in that poll "Gray"? Was the OP born in the UK, or is this some kind of cultural appropriation?

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    Red because ... Sasori of the Red Sand

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