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    Only got one thing:

    N Bladelord Waste

    An Item i already had.
    This system is just a joke.

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    3 staves off Lei Shei (so 3 Sha Crystals)

    1 Essence of Terror

    All out of LFR

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    Most of my gear is from Charms...

    I got:
    502 weapon a few months ago, 509 weapon a few days ago as upgrade.
    502 shoulders
    509 bracer
    509 T14 gloves
    509 girdle
    496 T14 legs which i was wearing till a few days ago
    509 Ring
    502 Trinket

    Sure i had some luck, but i didn't spend my charms on too much shit like some of my guildmates who used 3 Charms on Sha of Fear each week just because they wanted to have the 2set bonus. I also only rolled on bosses who really could drop good things. Only rolled very rarely on nHC bosses.

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    heroic sha touched mace x2
    heroic shoulders/legs
    spirits of the sun
    off hand in first week heroic clear
    both pre heroic elite bis rings

    need to roll on lei shi/elite protectors only

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    so much stuff its hard to make a list, like 80% of my gear is from elder charms not to mention all the stuff i already changed and de´d

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    out of around 30 charms. I can sum it up by one word. Gold.

    only item i "won" was a dagger from the first boss in mogushan vaults lfr. The second time that week i did the boss. So i didnt get it. (helping a friend)

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    h darkmist, heroic ring

    hopefully much more in the coming weeks

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    T14 ret gloves x6
    T14 ret pants x3
    T14 prot pants
    T14 norm chest token
    T14 lfr shoulders+helm
    Lfr Starshatter
    Random PvP gear from Sha

    ...not bad, now when I look at the list. But if only they would stop giving stupid duplicates...

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    Shadowsummoner Spaulders (still had some blue shoulders at that point)
    Torch of the Celestial Spark
    3x Orbital Belt
    Twisting Wind Bracers (sharded because I had already looted em a week before that)
    Shoulders of Twisted Fate (still unenchanted/ungemmed in bags, as I already had tier shoulders)
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    i only raid LFR so i dont matter as much but just about every piece of gear i have, came from a charm roll. thank god for charms. maybe 2 or 3 items came from just normal drops.
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    Bunch of gold, and a dodge/expertise chest I didn't need. But hey, bonus rolls are bonus

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    LFR Shinka x2
    LFR tier 14 helmet
    LFR tier 14 chest

    normal tier 14 gloves
    normal tier 14 legs
    bunch of not needed pvp stuff

    normal waistplate of overwhelming assault

    that's about it

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    Normal T14 legs and golds.

    I'm french, I'm really sorry if my english is bad. I try to do my best.

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