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    Lightbulb make mind spike our alternate nuke by not removing dots.

    In fights like Will of the Emperor where the adds die to fast for your dots cant finish there damage. it would be nice if mind spike had like 5% more damage and didn't remove dots so you can put your dots up and and spam mind spike with out worrying about your dots removing that would make fights like that so much better.

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    Yeah they had that in the beta of cata and dps was insane. If you can do it on adds that die fast you can do it on the boss. Mind spike is supposed to be used when you are on adds that won't live long enough for your dots to be useful, you just want both and that would pretty much double your dps (+5% even on top of that as you suggested) That would be a broken system and would never happen.

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    I can't really see any situations where it wouldn't (depending on the tuning) either replace mindflay or still never be used in pve scenarios (outside of flcd), I'd rather see other buffs than making it another mindflay.

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    How about a stacking debuff on the target that once you reach 3 stacks, the next MS cast will remove all DoTs?

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    There were 2 philosiphys when mind spike was made in cataclysm beta:

    1)It deals shadowfrost damage so if you get locked out of shadow you could cast something
    2)Use on adds that die fast

    Mind spike damage though was too strong and would of replaced mind flay as a filler so they nerfed the damage, took away shadowfrost lockout, and have it remove dots. Making this ability redundant.

    I think before MoP they added back the shadowfrost lockout but overall mind spike was a failure that they didn't bother to fix properly.

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    It's currently castable with shadow locked, but as it strips your dots it's not always that useful (unless you have a FDCL proc of course).

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