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    Wow website blocked need tech support

    Okay so the blizzard website is blocked ive been on hold with tech suppot for 25 minutes need help. So I can play wow at my school even though the website is blocked and I get 13,000 ms letency sometimes. I am trying to log in but get error 114. I been playing all month until today I installed windows 8. It didnt specify weather the OS was 32 or 64 bit so I downloaded it. I have 8GB memory if that helps. Its strange that I install windows 8 and get that error message because their is no way I can revert back to 7, made a clean install back up everything then wiped my pc clean. Can anybody help?

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    at my school ... website is blocked
    If they don't want you going there on their network then that's their prerogative. They may have cottoned on and blocked some ports in order to prevent students playing WoW on the school network.

    You could try proxy re-routing, but blizzard will notice the wide-varying IP and potentially lock your account.

    In terms of Error 114, try this - some people have had some success with it.
    Open the game launcher ► Click Options ► Game preferences ► Put a check mark on Launch 32-bit client ► Click ok ► Try logging in

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    Edit: Hi all, we've been receiving reports about the 114 - although we're still looking into the issue, it doesn't appear that it's on our side. I'll do my best to update the thread when I have more information. For now, the official Blizz 114 thread can be found here.

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    I been able to play for weeks I was playing today then said I want windows 8 installed it then i get #114

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    inb4 windows 8 bashing

    Infracted. Post constructively
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