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    K I O New guild [EU- Stormscale] 10/16 HC , Recruiting!

    Hello Guys.

    K I O are a new semi-hardcore/hardcore HORDE guild formed of ex Deposit Coin and Cruentus Members with 10/16 hc exp, we are currently recruiting some people for this newly created guild that are looking to go top ranks in wow progress in 5.2 , we are going to be clearing up the rest of the hc content this patch before 5.2 comes out.

    We are currently in desperate need of some core members. We need 1 Tank, 2 Healers (1 with DPS OS) , and A verity of DPS. We are open to a lot of classes/specs right now so feel free to apply. Please make sure you have around the same HC exp as us. Thanks.

    Visit killerinstinctonline.com/forum and Apply there.

    Feel free to whisper Joegstar, Joesaan, or Ainé Ingame.

    Thanks guys.
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    Good Guild,
    I've raided with the GM in other guilds and this looks very promising. good luck guys.

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