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    Quote Originally Posted by Trubo View Post
    Doh, I'm thinking of LW leg armor kits. You're correct on that.
    It's not hard to get confused by this. As someone who has every profession maxed, I still don't really get behind the logic, which items require SoH and which don't.

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    i think it's because silk is BOP whereas the other LW reagents are BOE. the birds eye view of mop crafting is that anything 'good' requires at least one BOP material.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiammaren View Post
    so obviously selling spellthread is better than making satchels.
    Depends on your server, the threads are worth about 300g on mine while the bags are 5 to 6k.
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    Quote Originally Posted by albar45 View Post
    Yeah that's another problem (THANKS BLIZZ) I do LFR but not regular raiding & the really good patterns don't drop in LFR Well I havn't seen any drop. Well I havn't seen any drop.
    You can always buy them from AH.

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    The dude above me speaks the truth. Why sell satchels when you can just buy 496 recipes, buy blood spirits and sell some robes/gloves? On my server, the blood spirits cost 1k and the gloves sell for as much as 9k. That's 4k profit every 4 days.

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    Depending on how much you can earn for it I would say either save them or make bags for some alts!

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    I have 3 tailors right now and making these bags gives me a reason to log onto multiple chars. The daily rep grinds arnt bad once u get the 2x bonus.

    I am keeping all the bags for my self (until i get 44) and as I level toons up (including more tailors =]) this will only get better for me.
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