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    The sha of anger in 5.2

    Do we know if the loot table will be updated so its current tier pvp and pve gear? Will it just stay as past tier?

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    New world bosses means they don't have to touch Sha of Anger's loot pool.

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    I'm wondering if they'll boost his drop rate like they're going to do with the 5.0 LFRs.

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    Loot table will still be the same, there's still the chance at that mount though!

    Can also help alts get through ilvl requirements for LFR.

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    loot wll probably stay the same but the drop rates will probably go up
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    Stay the same, but really hoping that the drop rates increase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lockula View Post
    Stay the same, but really hoping that the drop rates increase.
    I'm hoping the same thing, but we'll see.

    Damn Sha of Gold.

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    As long as he keeps dropping his mount, he'll be farmed

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    I coulda swore they said they'd update Galleon and Sha's loot tables each raid tier.

    I'm very wary that it'll get harder and harder to get groups for Sha, since I want that mount ... I don't think very many people knows he drops it, since it's so rare.
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