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    Were do i find this btw? its not on cursed, and google is of no help.
    It's called DreadSprayVR on Curse.

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    Our group just started our first couple hours on this as well and almost pushed P2 for the first time to get the buff (few % off I believe), and I had some questions on the platform patterns. So far, from what we could tell:

    1. Left Platform: easiest one, step one cone to the left when you enter. dread spray starts, move back one to the right when it turns green then simply move back one to the left once it's over to get back in the starting position for the next spray.

    2. Back Platform: not sure on this one: it seemed to stay in the cone you enter in, run straight through the mob once the opposite slice is safe, then run back through again when your original space is now clear?

    3. Right Platform: we think again this is a straight run through positioning, but it didn't seem like we should start on the entry pie slice on this one. should we be 2 to the left, then do the run through/run back?

    Basically looking for the solid/repeatable pattern on the back and right platforms like I have on the left if anyone cares to share what they find easiest.

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