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    A little help for a PvP newbie

    So, as the title says I'm in need of a little help. Thing is I never really took the time to play any kind of PvP in WoW... this has to change now.

    My main "worry" is how to start out on this project. At first I'm thinking BG's to face the different classes and get to know them... then arena or RBG.

    As it is I have the following characters at 85 or above to pick from: DK, Druid and Priest - and a Mage not too far behind.
    - only thing I'm sure about is my "lust" to try out DPS as I've been tank or healer in PvE since I started.

    Don't know if there's any obvious choice for PvP with the classes I currently have or I should do as a friend of mine told me; level a char with PvP in mind from the beginning and level it that way to feel more secure about it at end level... thoughts on that advice?


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    Priests are getting quite a buff in this next patch. Out of those 4 classes I would go with it. Dps or Heals wouldnt matter. Both are nice.

    Once 90 get full 8 piece contenders gear. Then get your dreadful 4 piece before getting rings and offset pieces. That way you'll have two 4 piece set bonuses while you gear out the rest of your dreadful and eventually Malevolent.

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    Might just try that - after looking into Shadow as a spec.

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    I play a mage and have always enjoyed it.
    If you've got those few 85s then yeah, I'd do what your friend suggested. Do a few bgs on them and see what you like the feel of best.
    Maybe even check out some clips on youtube and see what some of the good players can do with them and hopefully pick up a thing or two yourself.

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