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    Returning player

    Well hello ! It's been a while since I've been on Champ
    Anyhow, the reason I'm here is to ask if it's worth coming back to WoW.

    During Cata my interest basically went all away and so I quited.
    Afterwards I played GW2 for a good while till it got boring as well and so am I here again.

    Have a lot got changed during the time ? How are Priesties doing in PvE and PvP ?
    Is it actually worth coming back ? And the list goes on and on ..

    I'm looking forward to some replies, Botie

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    You need to elaborate on why you quit during Cata

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    Dont know about priests too much, dps in pve are good though.

    Is worth coming back ? Depends if you like it or not .. but how do you find out ?

    Come back and try it.

    Right now wow is in its best shape possible, even surpassing the king expansion that WotLK was, so i guess you will find it enjoyable.

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    Just read abit on the forums or try trial.

    I personally don't see much good about MOP. Some things are done okay, but alot has also brought bad elements to the game.
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    Any class is viable in PvE, just play whatever you enjoy playing. Some classes are better for some fights, others are better on another fight.

    In my opinion, after the mediocre expansion of Cataclysm I find MoP to be a huge success. I have no idea about the PvP aspect but this initial raid tier was very satisfying.

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    Without knowing what you hated in cata, it's kind of a hard question to answer....

    So... What did you hate in cata which make you quit?

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    Mostly everytime someone makes a thread like this, it gets locked in a few. The thing that's said on those locked threads is:

    No one can decide for you if it is good to return. Some people like it, some people hate it. Just pay 1 months sub and see if you can spare that (+ buying the game obviously). And if you hate one aspect, perhaps the other aspects have improved or there are new things to enjoy etc etc... so your post irrelevant.

    Apart from that: I hated Cata from tier 12 onwards. I even quit. I went from very dedicated raiding (better wording then hardcore?) towards logging on whenever I have the time (having no time to do organised raids or stuff). I am not happy with the gating dailies bring, but this expansion is still far better then Cata. I don't know about raiding, but from what I gather from my old team is that these raids are really well designed.

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    Active the MoP trial and see for yourself. I've enjoyed it so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by botnet View Post
    Is it actually worth coming back ? And the list goes on and on ..
    I don't see much harm in subbing for a month or two and playing through the quest/levelling content and trying some of the new features out (Scenarios, Challenge modes, pet battles)

    If you have enjoyed WoW in the past, it is very likely you will enjoy it again, at least for a while. And as long as you continue to enjoy it, it's worth playing. Even if after a few months or years it becomes boring again, you haven't lost anything...

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    We don't allow these types of threads for a very simple reason, the choice is a personal one that no one here can make for you. I wish you the best of luck with your decision.

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