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    Question about Hunter pets as a BM hunter for pvp

    Hello all, I have just reached level 90 last week on my hunter, and am ready to dedicate this toon to strictly pvp, I am currently playing BM, and I have a bit of dilemma as far as pets go. I have been trying day and night, trying to get my hands on a spirit beast... any spirit beast, to no avail thanks to CRZ. It was to my understanding that spirit beasts are the best right now for BM hunters in both bg's and arenas. Unfortunately, like I said I have been unable to obtain one. So I am turning to the hunter community to ask this question. Am I really missing out a lot by not having a spirit beast? If not, I'd also like to know which pets are particularly good while trying to farm gear through random BGs. I hope to eventually do RBGs and arenas, but for now it's randoms while i try to farm up my gear as fast as possible.

    Thanks in advance, wasn't sure whether or not to post this in pvp, or come straight to the hunter source.

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    Ideally you should be running with a spirit beast in bgs simply for their mastery buff and the spirit mend is a nice little heal. Not essential, but it helps to have one. However, for arenas you'll need a whole array of pets. Check these vids, they should help




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    I know where all the spirit beasts spawn, it's getting one, before someone on another server gets there first unfortunately.

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    still looking for an opinion on this

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    I run 2's with a shale spider (5% stats + web stun) on ferocity
    And run with a Crane (sleep) for 3's on cunning for the sacrifice.

    It really depends on playstyle, I don't use spirit beast on BGs or arenas, I rather use something useful.

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    I usually go with my lovely Hyena, Hayley!
    Simple becuase she's awesome and because I really do like haste.

    It doesn't really matter much in the end.

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    Do you absolutely positively need a Spirit Beast to do anything?


    Is it useful at times? Definitely, yes.

    All depends on how much you're willing to farm for em. Just visit all the spirit beast spawn locations once a day, making sure you have space in your stable, and you should be able to get one.

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    I run 2's with a shale spider (5% stats + web stun) on ferocity
    I came in here to say this. Shale Spider's stun can ruin people. A ranged stun on such a short cooldown is a powerful thing.

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    Where are these shale spiders found?
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    Where are these shale spiders found?

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