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    Work 10 hours, then go home and laugh at the Supernatural Valentines Day episode.
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    Work in the am and watching movies at home afterwards, but I'm still sending flowers to this girl I like and I'm pretty sure she likes me too. Granted, the only reason I am sending her flowers is bc I found a 50% off deal at call me cheap, but I wanted to give her some really nice ones instead of skimping and getting her cheap ones.. Don't wanna go out that night at all, it's gonna be crowded as hell and I just prefer to stay home playing some games or watching watching movies...

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    I'll probably wallow in self-pity, eat some chocolate and scoff disdainfully at the world for buying into such a shallow and obviously commercially-driven "holiday", all the while crying on the inside because I have no one to share the tack-fest with. ;_;

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    Buying the girl this:

    Then some Green Label and a movie?

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    by allleria's side.
    do the same thing i do every night. play video games by myself/work the night shift if im scheduled.
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    i guess i´ll surprise my gf with a short journey, a few days at the beach or something like that, not sure though
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    So, look um, I'm not a grief counselor, but if it's any consolation, I have had to kill and bury loved ones before.

    A bunch of times actually.

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    Nothing, and I'm married. Valentine's day is the most trite and cliche holiday on the calendar. i refuse to buy roses whose price is gouged simply because "that's what you do."

    I'll make her dinner, try to get her to give me head, fail, watch some shitty tv, then go to bed.
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    a short journey to a hot spring and a hotel after i guess

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    No GF = Nothing but playing games. Wehoo! Who knows maybe someone will take pity on me and allow me to accompany on their supper dates which has happened to me before but not lately. Worst is if I get asked to babysit kids which has also happened.

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    Being angry and hateful, sharpening weapons of war.

    Typical night

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    My plans didn't change since this thread, if you're really interested look there.

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    listening to sad songs. i give all my single friends a little present or card on valentines day though.
    here we can all listen:
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    Don't worry so much. No girl for me. Been wishing for it for years. Alas....

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    Going to the movies, Walk on the beach, Give eachother hot steamy massages, and a lot more! All that while i sleep. I'll sleep a lot that day so i have time for all.

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    Stare at all the pink stuff and cry to myself that I never got one of those valentines day balloons in High School.

    Eat a lot of chocolate and avoid the hallmark and lifetime channels.
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    Spend it truly alone since I moved away from the few friends I had.

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    When I see men out running around, spending money trying to find gifts. I can relax and think to myself, Damn it feels good to be a loser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belize View Post
    Spend it truly alone since I moved away from the few friends I had.

    same here D: im the other side of the country to all my friends, dont really know anyone here so ill probably be where i usually am - the internet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belize View Post
    Spend it truly alone since I moved away from the few friends I had.
    You can still spend it with NPC's on WoW, No one is truly alone!

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