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    Facing problems with Parasitic Growth as Holy

    So I've come back recently after a long, long hiatus and we're currently progressing on Un'sok (25N). My issue with this fight is that my Cascades, PoM, CoH and Lightspring (yeah, still don't trust my buds) is basically killing the debuffed targets and sometimes I'm reaching 1M healing on Parasitic Growth targets. I've tried limiting the use of named abilities but it i a huge drop-off, talking about 65k-ish to 35k-ish and I just don't feel comfortable going disc with another disco in the team already. I'm currently trying out a new "strategy", replacing Cascade with Halo and basically just stand on top of the debuffed player while using it, minimizing the heal he'll get but even then my PoM and CoH are devastating so now I'm turning to you guys and simply asking if you have any tips for me at this encounter.

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    Honestly, by best best would be to go Disc or stop using all of those AoE abilities. Lightspring in this fight is stupid but Lightwell will allow people to pick and choose.

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    Even with incidental healing your Disc should be able to take care of Parasitic Growth targets just fine: Just avoid giving direct heals to them and have them move outside of the group. If your Disc keeps them above 50% (which they should be doing) they won't trigger Lightspring.

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    If you have Paladins in the raid - and seeing how this is 25 man, you should - have them use Hand of Purity, it reduces the damage to almost nothing. It's better than anything other healers can do, except for stacking Spirit Shell on that person. Even just a single Pally can make final 6 seconds trivial, and if you have more, you simply chain them from ~12 to 0.

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    If you have a disc priest, have him shield the debuffed player immediately when he gets the debuff. I do in my raid and my shield breaks after roughly ~12-13 seconds. Then there's 2 seconds damage and then another shield. If your disc priest isn't doing that yet, he should start doing it.

    This should prevent a big part of the smart heals from healing that player as he shouldn't be dropping below ~85% (assuming the debuffed player isn't bad and stands in fire / avoidable abilities). You can't prevent all healing though. If you go with Cascade or Halo, you will eventually hit that person. CoH and ProM won't avoid him forever either. As said above, avoid using these spells as much as you can and don't glyph Lightspring. You should be fine.

    If shit hits the fan and you do "accidentally" heal that player too much, have your disc Spirit Shell him. If needed, throw a cooldown. Hand of Purity is a great suggestion. So are any other damage reduce cooldowns.
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    I play disc for this on 10m HC. These debuffs are no problem at all for us (we 2 heal, with a Holy Pala). I use SS whenever I can for the debuff, as absorbs of any kind do not add to the parasite dot. If Spirit Shell is off CD i'll use this with greater heal for one massive shield on the affected player, then blanket the rest of the raid (whilst refreshing the shield on the affected player) with prayer of heals for the rest of the Spirit Shell duration. If Spirit Shell is off CD, then a normal shield just about covers it but that player has to be careful not to get hit by any adds. You just have to be very careful with AoE heals, and the same goes for the other healers. Good communication is the key to dealing with this, between all healers and the player concerned.

    Don't use Halo! Cascade is best but still not great because technically it isn't a smart heal and tends to just target whoever is farthest away. If the player with the debuff is in the wrong place, he / she will get hit by a cascade bolt regardless of health.

    Also, things like Void Shift count towards the debuff so don't use this.

    Really it should just be your disc buddy who deals with this, and the other healers just do their best to avoid AoE healing the affected player, even if this means that player has to step away from the action for a short time to avoid taking damage. Raid should do their best to cc any adds going after them.
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    go disc all day erry day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spraytwist View Post
    go disc all day erry day
    If they already have a disc priest in the team, no need really. Holy and disc can work together quite well.
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    personal accountability also comes into play here. Just about any class has a defensive personal CD now. It really shouldn't be that big of a problem even with smart heal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stiglet View Post
    If they already have a disc priest in the team, no need really. Holy and disc can work together quite well.
    there is really no reason to not spec disc on any t14 content other than tsulong. especially on ambershaper, where you can manage your own rapture by standing in amber scalpels to pop shields.

    you can use both PWS and spirit shell on a person w/ the debuff at no penalty on this fight.

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    Tell the disc priest he must be the only healer dealing with Parasitic Growth. You must avoid casting Lightspring, and HW:Sanctuary - especially if you are haste reforged - if the debuffed player is a melée.

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    I currently do the 10 man H version of this fight as holy and I tend to stay in HW serenity and heal with renew for phase1 of the fight. I only use cascade/coh at the end of the debuff. Phase2 I swap to HW sanc and again just watch timers and time heals appropriately a little bit of aoe splash healing isn't going to kill the debuff target especially with a disc priest in the group. I use lightspring and I honestly don't find it is that detrimental to the debuff target. I only use dive hymn if a) the person with the debuff can get rid of it b) debuff is about to fall off c) debuff person has personal cd's and raid is dying. I know 10 man and 25 man have very different play styles so all of this may not be relavent but using this strat I keep up/pass other healers

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