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    Question BM Hunter stat priority question

    So i have just recently reached Level 90 with my hunter and im still gearing up,i have 472 ilvl but im still missing 2 pieces from Heroic dungeons and a few justice upgrades.

    I searched the web for some guides and i found diferent stat prioritys for Bm,currently im running with Hit/exp cap>crit>haste>mastery but on some guides i saw Hit/exp cap>mastery>crit>haste or Hit/exp cap>crit>mastery>haste..

    I would really apreciate if someone could answer my question,here is my armory if anyone needs to see it:
    http ://eu.battle.net/wow/pt/character/aggra-portugues/Corngg/simple

    (can't post links still)


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    For BM it's Agi> Hit/Exp> Crit >= Mastery > Haste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiattalo View Post
    For BM it's Agi> Hit/Exp> Crit >= Mastery > Haste.

    Agi> Hit/Exp> Crit > Mastery > Haste
    Crit is better than mastery atm.

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    Is that the same for bm PvP? Because I read mastery>crit.

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    The thing to know about haste is that it affects your rotation: you have 5 seconds between kill commands, so if you have a 2-sec cobra shot cast time you can do 1 CS and 3 instants or 2CS and 1 instant. If it's 1.8 seconds, the you won't fire more shots (just a small gain to regen and auto-attacks). But if you go down to 1.5, for example, you'd be able to fire 2 CS and 2 instants.
    Then in BM there's Focus fire, and rapid fire, and heroism... So haste is something you decide to cap at a certain level - like 1.66 sec, 1.5, etc to change your rotation.
    So one technique is to hit a certain cap (depending on your gameplay) for haste, another is to reforge it into crit or mastery.
    I personally go for crit then mastery, but both are nearly the same - putting everything in one or the other would be like 500 dps on 90K for me.

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    Crit always reigns supreme, after that comes mastery and then haste. Haste really has no use for BM hunters. It really only serves MM hunters

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