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    Quote Originally Posted by Eruionmel View Post
    This. You can't come up with any personality traits that aren't human because they don't exist. And there's no way of imagining a personality trait that doesn't exist.
    WOW races are Stereotypes of actual Human personalities. The people who say they can't do what the OP said, or who have mental reasons against the subject of this thread might have a personal problem with reconizing their own personalities. Please check your self because the question is valid.

    Frame of Reference of basic personality stereo types:

    Human - Egotistical & self righteous
    Dwarves - Party Hardy beer drinking Scotsmen
    Gnomes - air-headed genius, ultra nerds
    Night Elves - Pretentious and want-a-be mysterious types, sort of a mix of goths and hippies.
    Orcs - Punch First ask second red necks with made up honor beliefs when it suits them.
    Trolls - City Stoners, and red neck stoners
    Tauren - Deep thinkers who smoke a bit of herb while sitting in nature.
    Forsaken - every psychopathic person in history. Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn.

    Draenei - Sort of the types who always sound like they understand every thing in the world while you buy a pack of smokes from them. (not a derogatory statement just a reality of corner liquor stores and 7-11s, those guys always seem really wise if they speak English.)
    Blood Elves - Just like the night elves but fashionable as well.

    Worgen - You know the guy from England who just robbed you blind, yah he was a Worgen, they are the dirty bastards who always get away with it.
    Goblins - Best example of a real life goblin Red Green a Canadian TV personality. They are smart crazy people who live life differently than the rest.

    - Yah... if that isn't blatant nothing is.

    BTW because I mentioned his show.

    Tell me he's not a Goblin.
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    I'm a mix of a Pandaren and a Draenei.. yeah.. I'm that fucked up

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    I'm tall, make myself a bit shorter by not really standing upright, I like slang and I smoke weed... If I was from Jamaica, it would be even more obvious

    I like mischief so count me as a rogue

    been there done that... except AQ opening event, fml -.-

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    My personality is probably like a cross-bred nightelf/gnome with a touch of chaos orc :P
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