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    Help me sell this Unique ring...

    Since I've got a polish version of the game... I'll just post the stats :P

    29-61 increased dmg
    165 dexterity
    82 vitality
    Each hit steals 319hp
    crit chance increased by 4,5%
    bigger dmg against elite monsters (4%)

    What would be the avrage price for this ring?
    I'm seriously asking for advice :P I was away for couple of months
    Woop Woop Woop...

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    Probably 200k, tops.

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    around 200k. A big way of finding out right click on the item in the sell tab, ans click on search for similar. then check from there, if none show up reduce the stats a little and hit search again. will give you a ballpark range!

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    Its worth more than 200k, its one random stat is vit. Also has good damage, dex and damage vs elites.


    Compare the stat (vit) on the ah and remember if its still on the ah its priced too high and undercut.

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