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    Post Thoughts on Patch 5.2 Changes to Gear.

    Thread to talk about how you feel about the changes to pvp gear and how to acquire gear in the future.

    Personally I love it and wish they would of done something like this ages ago. It allow's people who do allot of rated pvp to obtain the 27k conquest points to purchase the top end gear, and for people like me who don't pvp all the time but enjoy doing battle grounds and 2's and 3's for fun every once and a while to still be somewhat competitive and not just turn into cannon fodder for the rest of my team.

    I was wondering though; is the 27k conquest point able to be earned on one character and that allows you to buy the conquest gear with honour on your other characters? Would like to see something like this as well to be honest; would make gearing alts (not that I have any atm) a hell of allot easier then it is now.

    Anyways; just my opinion on the subject. What do you guys think about it? Good? Bad? What do you like or Dislike about the changes.

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    There's an 8 page thread about this already.

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    Yea just saw it! xD

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    There is a thread to post in, right here:



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