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  • Mayonnaise

    106 28.12%
  • Ketchup

    161 42.71%
  • Mustard

    110 29.18%
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    Mayo is good for making sandwiches a lot less dry, or when combined with thousand island dressing, makes burgers amazing. Mustard enhances the flavor of ketchup to me, the only exception being on pretzels. Ketchup wins it for me, though, as I tend to use it the most.

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    Ketchup or mayonnaise, I can go either way, but lean towards ketchup. The best is a mayo and ketchup mixture. I despise mustard. I can't eat, I'll gag and throw up. Even knowing that it's an ingredient in something no matter how small of an amount is just a big no.

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    voted for mustard.. the spicier the better

    btw, Sriracha beats all of them hands down

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    none, gogo curry
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    Remolade! a thing there is complely unknowed for for the rest of the world i know denmark have it, since i am danish, not sure where else it is Goes well with fish

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    Mayo and Ketchup combined on a buger, or with chips!
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    Hmm.. mustard or mayo. Ketchup is for people without real taste as ketchup even when expensive doesnt taste much different compared to a cheap version.
    Expensive mustard or mayo can have a much broader spectrum of taste.

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    Sriracha (the one with the rooster on it, and is good on nearly anything, seriously, pizza, burgers, asian, etc doesn't matter )

    Louisiana Hot Sauce (best taste balance imo for generic hot sauce; tabasco is too 'vinegary' for me, as well as most other brands)

    never mayonnaise (except for the Smashing Pumpkins song)

    Ketchup less than when I was a child (put it on everything)

    Mustard in minute amounts (hated when a kid, but is not bad on some things now)

    I can only assume this is regarding liquid condiments

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    Mayonnaise is basically 'mother sauce' closely related to Hollandaise and is probably the most useful of the 3, I use it the most in cooking and prob whip up a batch at least once a week.

    Ketchup comes next for me, in terms of usefulness. Many BBQ sauces etc can use ketchup as a base, though fresh tomatoes or even a nice mustard base never hurt anyone.

    Prepared mustard is probably my favorite of the 3 as a condiment, but I would say it's the least useful as a cooking ingredient.

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    chips with KETCHUP nham nham

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    Ketchonnaise. That's 50/50 of mayonnaise and ketchup mix.
    Not really fond of mustard but sometimes it fits fine.
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    Mayonnaise. I'm eating everything with it.

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    It really depends on what you eat it with. All three can be nice, if combined with the right food.
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    Depends on the food, but I don't like ketchup as much these days (it's more for kids).

    Between Mayo and Mustard, but as I said, depends on what the food is, sometimes both. Not voting, bad poll is bad.

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    mayonnaise and mustard sure, but ketchup no way

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    Depends on the sandwich. I use all three for hamburgers, ketchup and mustard for hotdogs, and only mayonnaise for anything club.
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    Really it depends on what you're eating however my preference would have to go

    Mustard(Spicy) > Ketchup > Mayo

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragemv View Post
    Remolade! a thing there is complely unknowed for for the rest of the world i know denmark have it, since i am danish, not sure where else it is Goes well with fish
    Also known as "Tartare Sauce".
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    YAY! Mustard is not in last place. :P

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    Depends what I'm eating so I can't really vote. However I tend to have Nando's Extra Hot sauce with literally everything. I put it in beans, on tomatoes, on chicken on.. yeah everything.
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