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    Lightbulb Level 70 twink guild, upcoming project!

    Hello all!

    This project is about leveling to 70 and staying there. Do some pvp, arena and mainly raid with proper TBC gear and raids. The majority of players /those who want to PvE that is) will be able to experience TBC almost as it was back then, instead of steamroll through it at 90.

    GUILD OF DOOM is the guild for you that is wanting to do this. We will be happy to take in levelers for this, and fully geared twinks. This guild has it's home on Frostmane Alliance. So if you would like to join, just come on over!

    Some short info:
    - Raid day will be on saturdays
    - Raid time is set at 19:30-23:00 Server Time (18:30 in england). This time is still in discussion!
    - There is no plans for any set PvP actions yet, but we will be PvPing alot when we're bored and such!
    - Will be doing heroic dungeons together for faster queues.

    Got any questions? you can ask them below here, or go ingame to send me a mail or talk to me directly.
    We're growing little by little, there is no need to rush to 70!

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    bumping, getting some members joining!

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