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    More vanity in PvP.

    I was reading a blue post, and found this rather pleasing note.

    Posted by Deadandlivin
    Then you could also throw inv arious special Mounts or Pets between the 2000-2700 range or something.
    Nakatoir: One issue that can arise with the rating requirements on rewards with the new MMR inflation system is that rating is going to inflate throughout the season for those that continue to compete. This could make rating requirements such as those you have mentioned much easier to attain. As said however we are looking into ways to implement more vanity rewards into PvP and we will update you with more information on this when it becomes available.

    It's good to see that Blizzard is willing to implement vanity rewards for the people who put a little bit more effort into the game.

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    Maybe I could be bothered to finally do 5on5 then and get my arena master. :|

    But in all honesty more mounts/pets/vanity stuff is something I'd like to see for a long time. Battleground metas yield nothing for the most part, while you get thrown mounts and stuff at your for all kind of bs in PvE.

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    A return of the tabards from the Wrath arena seasons would be a cool start. Glad rank still gets mounts. I do think RBGs have received a LOT more love than their arena counterparts, though (this coming from someone who prefers RBGs to arena). All new mounts (vs reskins for the arena mounts, although the BC mounts are among my favorites in the game) and titles from 1.1k all the way up to 2.4. Some kind of ground mount or maybe an armor skin (a la Challenge Modes) for obtaining a certain rating or whatever would be awesome, but I don't seem them dedicating that much time to arena rewards.

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    I'd love if PvP in WoW was all about vanity.. :<
    Quote Originally Posted by Pie Eater View Post
    Have you read the planned frost mage "nerfs" ?!? It's like nerfing a hangman's rope by coloring it blue.
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