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    What's your coolest mount?

    So let's hear it whats the coolest mount you own and why? whats your favorite one? also share your story of how you got it if you want

    I like my merciless nether drake because you rarely see anyone with it and its a nice mount and also bigger than the proto / standard wotlk mounts and because I enjoyed PvP a lot back then.

    my 2nd favorite is the amani war bear because when i got it we beat the timer and had like 1 or 2min left was actually close plus its not obtainable anymore which is also nice i think

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    nothing unique but I like my kodo and red proto :> farmed barons steed and zg mounts for some time but rng god doesn't like me -_-

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    Reins of Raven Lord.

    Anzi is definitly my favourite mount because it's the one that best fits to the druid. Unfortunatly, anyone can farm it now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenwe Saralonde View Post
    Reins of Raven Lord.

    Anzi is definitly my favourite mount because it's the one that best fits to the druid. Unfortunatly, anyone can farm it now
    Anyone could farm it anyway, plus its Anzu, shows how much its your favourite

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    Amani War Bear, due to not being available anymore :P
    Emerald raptor is nice.. as it was my first mount..
    then we have the Red Qiraji Battle Tank.. Why? Because its Red.
    Green Proto drake was awesome to get from the 3rd egg and again on the 5th.. :s
    And the last is the Touring rocket X-53, cause nothing beats a 2man flying mount xD

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    Ironbound-proto drake. I have the ICC 10 man wyrm, but Ironbound looks way cooler imo. Only bad thing is absence of flapping, but hope it will be fixed soon :-)

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    Ground : I always ride my Deathcharger's Reins, I was lucky enough to get it in only 22 runs
    Flying : Blue Proto-Drake or one of the Nether Drakes

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    Brewfest Kodo...I fell in love with kodos during my time in the Horde and have missed them so much playing Alliance. Finally get to ride one again since brewfest happened (after missing the drop the past two years).

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    Ground : HH's steed, Brewfest Ram, any raptor/kodo/worg, Horde mounts are cool
    Air : Green Proto, best looking one imo

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    Land Mount = Sea Turtle. Yeah, it's slow (giving you a nice little boost under water tho!) but I got him really early (one of the very few times luck was on my side). I like to ride him in full fishing gear.

    Flying Mount = Time-Lost Proto-Drake. To be honest I love all the drakes/dragon mounts. But this was another one of those times that I got particularly lucky, and I love the look of him.

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    Ground:Zulian TIger
    FLying:Green proto drake,Netherdrake or Rolfcopter,cant decide

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    Used a stuped protodrake since 31/3 2009, due to the speed, but after 4.01 im back at using my Turbo-charged flying Machine

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    Rivendare's Deatcharger, got it exactly after the droprate was increased, though I've farmed it before that too. I have the feeling I will always love that mount, so badass!

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    My favorite ground mount is the Baron's mount. Yeah, everyone and their grandmother has it now, but I love the irony of a paladin riding an undead mount.

    It's a toss up on the air mounts. The violet protodrake looks cool and you don't see too terrible many of them, or at least on my server. And the blue dragonhawk just because it is rather unique mount for an alliance player and very few people seem to make the effort to get them.

    Just two hard modes away from the sketal dragon mount from ICC. That will soon be my new favorite.

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    On my rogue with engi... bike on ground and heli in the air - I love engi

    On my DK - no favourite flying mount...
    Ground mount, I want the ZG mounts!!
    I raided that place in vanilla, and farmed it nearly every reset for the last year and I have NEVER seen the tiger or the raptor drop... RNG hates me!

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    previously i would have said reins of the raven lord because iv used that since i got it in tbc...but now with so many people using it im gna have to go with my togc10 mount - sexy unicorn ftw

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    I like my swift Zulian Tiger I got 8 days after dinging 80 on my warrior, 2nd ZG run on that toon, 200+ ZG runs on account.

    Also my druids frost Wyrms from ICC look awesome, and those are earned not RNG so I prefer them to the tiger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkAmbient View Post
    Jesus christ, I just agreed with Jaylock. I need to go and have a shower.

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    probably my talbuks

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