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    Heroic Amber Shaper Help

    Hi my guild we are trying to kill this boss and so far our strat is

    Raid comp
    Tanks - War and Pal
    Healers - Pal and Disc Priest
    Dps - Feral druid, Arcane Mage, Hunter, Shadow Priest, Warlock, Ele Shaman

    Our Strategy
    Around 25-30 stacks on the boss in the first phase
    Last tank to get reshaped drink only one pool leaving 3 extra adds for the monstrosity phase
    As soon as we get around 8 stacks on the monstruosity we are using bloodlust to burn it

    But so far we are having problems
    First leaving only 3 extra adds is enough to keep the tank during the whole phase of the monstruosity or we need to keep more adds for this phase
    Second is a better idea to make each tank leave one pool instead of the last tank leaving all the 3 because of the respawn of the living ambers
    We are having a big problem dpsing the Monstrosity mainly because of adds should be like that?
    Any tips I would appreciate tnx

    Logs are here
    Had to put 2 spaces since I can post links here
    worldoflogs. com /reports/rt-ff7mdilrek9g921g/analyze/dd/source/?s=10571&e=10985
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    English language leaves a bit to be desired.
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    Your setup is good as you have 5 ranged and the feral to taunt the flings. The tactic we used was this:

    We had 5 or 6 reshapes in p1 depending if the perma-construct was reshaped first or second. We left 9 ambers up for p2 so that it will last him throughout p2 and p3: 1 pool from 4th to last scalpel, 2 pools from 3rd to last scalpel, 2 pools from 2nd to last plus the 4 ambers from the last scalpel we had when we did the transition. So, if the perma-construct tanked was picked first, we were doing 5 reshapes (on the 5th we would transition the boss) and the eating of the pools would be 4-3-2-2-0.

    With 9 pools up you can have up to 13 adds at some point at the start of p2 so things can be hectic with healing. Just assign specific people to dps the adds as first prio and specific people to do the construct as prio (3-3 split is ok), and ofcourse no unnecessary damage from the adds dying explosion. The perma-construct would need to stack the debuff on both boss and monstrosity while eating pools at the same time (he needs to do it when he is below 80 willpower so he won't waste anything).

    If your dps on the monstrosity is good (we didn't use BL, you do) then you can probably go with 8 or even 7 ambers into phase 2 and still have enough pools for the tank to drink. Remember you will need 1-2 pools for p3 as well.

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    English language leaves a bit to be desired.
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    Leaving only 3 Puddles can get you into trouble towards the end. Depends on how fast your P2 is. We're doing 4-3-2-2-2 or 4-2-2-2 depending on who gets the first reshape. So that's 6-7 Adds we carry over to the 2nd Phase. We have 2-3 Puddles left when we enter P3 and you will need those - your Monstrosities (you will have 2 up when the phase starts) will need to interrupt themselves 4-5 times. Without puddles, they will die / leave you adds / explosions and will most likely whipe your raid.

    Also, I wouldn't push the Boss depending on stacks but rather on amber scalpels. So on the 4th or 5th Reshape you would want to bring the boss down to 72%. As soon as he starts to cast Amber Scalpel you burn him down - resulting in about 50-60& HP when he becomes "immune" and Monstrosity spawns.

    Adds are chaotic - that's supposed to be this way. The transition from P1 to P2 is gonna be hard. Just have everyone clean the adds as soon as Boss becomes immune. Have your ranged constantly kill adds and only help out on constructs / monstrosity if needed. Or assign 1-2 ranged for adds duty in this pase and the rest on construct / monstrosity. Melees always on construct / monstrosity / taunt-fling duty, unless casters call for their help on adds (should only happen at 1->2 and 2->3 transition though)

    We usually wait with bloodlust till the 2nd reshape - Monstr. is at about 12-15 stacks by then. Break out the 2nd reshape and burn Monstrosity - should die shortly before or after the 3rd reshape - which you carry over to p3.

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    We were doing 3 scalpels in phase 1, with each tank drinking 2 pools, leaving a total excess of 6 slimes. We could have done like 5-6 scalpels and only drank 1 pool each time for more stacks on boss, but it gets really boring and we wanted to speed our attempts up.

    Phase 2 priority should be slimes > construct > monstrosity. Have some loose assignments, like ranged dot classes on the slimes, melee on the construct, etc. As long as no one lets a cast go off, it's pretty damn easy. Only other thing to worry about is fling, just have a random DPS taunt when there is 4 seconds on the DBM fling timer. We never used lust in this phase, didn't feel like we needed it.

    Phase 3 is a total joke, just burn it in <30 seconds.

    For all intents and purposes it's a 1 phase fight. You should never have a wipe in phase 1 or 3, so just keep practicing phase 2.

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    This is a tactical summary I did for our raid grp. This was 10 man heroic with the dedicated stacker.

    Tactical Summary for Amber Shaper Un'Sok.

    3 Phase fight.
    2 Tanks
    2 Healers
    1-2 Melee
    Rest Ranged

    Phase 1

    During phase 1 it is very important that the DPS do not touch the boss at all until the order is given to nuke the boss.
    DPS responsibilty during P1 is to dps the Blobs and the Tanks. Tank damage should be stopped when the tank is at 25% HP to allow dots to drop off and still have the tanks alive.
    Tanks will alternate a total of 6 times. When the 6th tank has picked been transformed it is then the raids job to nuke the latest scalpel adds and then imediately nuke boss as low as possible.

    Tank rotation.

    1st tank will leave 0 puddles.
    2nd tank will leave 0 puddles.
    3rd tank will leave 0 puddles.
    4th tank will leave 1 puddle.
    5th tank will leave 3 puddles.

    This means we go into P2 with 7 puddles up.

    P1-P2 transition.

    It is very important that DPS make sure to kill all blobs before turning onto the boss. This is important because we want all DPS pushing as high as poss on boss to reduce his HP by the maximum amount. Any DPS whoring will ultimately have a negative impact on the raid.

    Phase 2 - Most difficult phase.

    During phase 2 there are several priorities and many things going on.

    Tank 6 will be kept shaped for the rest of the fight now. He will have to eat multiple times in order to keep his energy up.

    Tank 6 resposibility is to mainatin stacks on both the Boss and the Monstrosity.
    Periodically a DPS will be reshaped. The DPS responsibilty is to make sure that the Monstrosity is interrupted as well as themselves. Try to stay in the reshape to refresh a stack on monstrosity and leave immediately after the refresh.

    DPS responsibilty is as follows.

    Kill blobs - this is especially important when we are running low and the tank needs energy to make sure he can interrupt himself. It really will be a case sometimes of immediate nuke as the scalpel is being cast.

    DPS the reshaped DPS - It is imperative that the reshaped DPS are brought to below 20%. During this phase you will stop dmg at 30% on te reshaped player to allow dots to tick off. If the reshaped player is above 20% and he needs to be released it is his/her resposibilty to call out for more dps on him/her.

    DPS monstrosity - At all times dmg should be rolling on the monstrosity. Other mobs will take priority over this one, but the phase ends when this mob is dead.

    Bloodlust will be used during this phase. It will be used after the first dps/healer reshape has been released and after the following scalpel. This means we focus the fuck out of the scalpel since puddles will be running low, and then BL and nuke monstrosity for quite a bit of uniterrupted dps on it. (Dots should be rolling on the reshaped dps/healer).

    Monstrosity should die during this Bloodlust. He should have about 5-7 stacks when we lust.

    Phase 3 Easy mode!!

    Phase 3 begins when the monstrosity dies. Ignore all other mobs, they will despawn eventually. Switch immediately to boss and stack up in melee.

    After about 5-10 seconds 2 players will be debuffed with ORBS. As long as these two players do not fuck up it is a kill at this point. If you are affected by orbs, simply move out of the raid, locate the other player and run your orbs together without touching them.

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