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    No excusses now any pvpers, Gladiator or bust

    With the new changes to the gearing system there will no longer be any excuse why someone didnt reach a high rank in arena each season. Being a player that has hit 2200 before, i know that when i face teams that have T2 weapons or outgear me by a large margin and they win, it is easy to say "well they beat me because they out gear me". With these new changes and everyone having access to all the gear it will no longer be a gear issue now it will be a skill issue. The top pvpers will be able to wear their titles w more honor than before because when someone looks at them they know they had access to the same gear they did and that person out performed them. I myself am looking forward to the competition and cnat wait for the new season.

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    Problem is that most people can't achieve glad so they have nothing to play for, which is sort of sad. I remember how I felt back in s4 when I got my 1700rating and could buy my helmet and in s5 when I got my 1850 and could buy the weapon. Even in s6 when I got 1900 and could get my cloak I felt like I had accomplished something. There was always something to strive for. Tier 2 weapon at 2.2, even the tabard at 2350 in s7 was a great achievment for me. And to top it all with a gladiator title was one of my greatest experiences in wow.

    I'm not saying giving everyone equal gear is a bad thing, cuz it probably isn't. But arena really lacks something to keep newer players motivated. The current titles are too abstract, "Why should I care about some title I might get 5 months from now?".

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