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    When was PVP gear added to the game?

    Have a buddy who says "PVP gear has been in wow since day one", I disagree; can anyone enlighten us? Google has not been friendly on this matter.

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    pvp gear wasnt in the game from the start. it was added with the first battleground, and the pvp ranking system. i cant recall how long time there went from the release untill the pvp system, but at least 1½ month or longer

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    Vanilla had pvp gear in the sense that each rank got you 2 new items bought with gold. This gear had no resil, and could be beaten by a toon wearing T2 or higher.

    Resilience was a new stat in BC, it reduced crit chance for enemies in pvp, reduced dot damage and reduced damage taken all in one (if I remember correctly). Look for the bridging patch for BC (patch 2.0.1), that might have better info than I do

    Pvp gear with resil was brought in during BC when seasons and arena came out. Some pvp items dropped in raids too (check murus loot table in sunwell)
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    1.4 or 1.6 - can't recall, and too lazy to look it up at the moment. But you are correct, it wasn't in the game until they patched it in.

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    It definitely wasn't in the game from the beginning if you're referring to PvP gear that has PvP-specific stats. In essence, though, from the first BG on there were ranks and gear that could be purchased for gold, but it didn't supersede the PvE gear available at the time.

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    1.4 was when the pvp patch came out. I'm glad I pvp'd a shit ton then so I can trans high warlord gear lol.

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    These guys have it right but it wasn't really pvp gear it was just a way to get gear with better stats. The top-end stuff could hold it's own but it was out performed by raid gear. It wasn't special except that it may have had more more stamina.

    I really liked the gearing system. I had stuff from the various BG vendors (I was exalted in all 3), a piece of raid gear that I bought off the AH, the darkmoon neck piece, the rank 10 gear and engineering was useful. Sure, none of it was top-end, and I could get rolled occasionally, but it was a lot more interesting to get than just chugging X amount of BG's until I had an honor set.

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    PvP gear was added together with the Vanilla PvP ranks. It didn't have resilience, but it had hybrid stats for hybrid classes, which could otherwise only get healing gear from PvE (Warriors being the exception as one of Blizz's pet classes).

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    vanilla pvp gear was distinctly different from pvp gear in later xpacs. it had a few precursors to the now familer set and glove bonuses, but it had no resil and mostly preferable due to its high stam itemization, there were no distinctions between specs and the gear was often itemized with all three specs in mind.. generally people who were raid geared could beat them.

    resil was introduced in bc, and it lowered crit change , this often resulted in raiders using resil gear to augment their defense rating for pve. a couple of specs didn't have resil itemization until season 3 ( ret paladins in particular)
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