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    Auction House Searching

    Hey, just wondering how come, if I for example search "Silk Cloth" and want to find that exactly, why must i always search through of embersilk cloth or bolt of embersilk cloth, than just getting straight that thing i searched for? Very usual thing with gems also. If I have to close the auction house to check something meanwhile, then I have to search trough all those that have the similar words as part of them. This is very annoying, couldn't it be that we would get the nearest matching item, when we use the search tab? Sorry if someone sees this as stupid nagging only.

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    It's the way keywords work. This is both a benefit and a drawback. Imagine you wanted to look-up the item "Nightstone Choker of the Galeburst." The name slightly escaped you, but you remember that it was indeed a Nightstone Choker. You could then search just that and peruse the items found through the search.

    Requiring keywords to be exact elicits more work than does the current system; it's more or less a matter of overall convenience.

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