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    Entropy [A] Bronzebeard eu <10> 14/16 heroic

    Entropy was formed 3 months into TBC on the 3rd March 2007 by several members of Entropys predeccesor (Almost Famous). Entropy quickly became one of the most respected and progressed guilds within the Bronzebeard server while keeping a very active social/casual player base.
    After WOTLK hit we spent several weeks gearing up and cleared all available content including OS3D (server 5th heroic, server 4th normal). While waiting for 3.1 patch we spent time farming everything to absolute boredom. We completed several members Glory of The Raider achievements and geared up many peoples alts to Naxx25+ gear. Moving from a 25 to a 10 man guild in Dragon Soul meant we had a late start to 10 man progress but made up for it downing spine with only 5% help from the aspects with only a couple days on progress before the first aspect nerf. Deathwing fell easily. Currently we have realm first 6/6 hc msv and are 14/16hc with only Tsulong and Sha left to fall. We Also have alt runs and some pvp for those times when you just wannado some more!

    Raids (Raiders are expected to attend all 4 nights) Emergencies outstanding ofc
    We raid 4 nights a week with a small team of raiders on:-

    Wednesday 20:00-00:00
    Thursday 20:00-00:00
    Sunday 20:00-00:00
    Monday 20:00-00:00
    (Server time)

    We got realm first 6/6hc MSV

    Classes currently needed:

    Deathknight : Frost

    If you're an experienced raider with similar progress we will always consider you

    We are a very motivated and driven guild with parses and realm first throughout mop and as such expect the same from applications/raiders.
    Feel free to contact any of the officers Wraithlord Darkjimbo Firimar or Ginge (any toon with ginge in the name) in game for any recruitment questions
    Applications 2 www entropyguild co uk (put the dots in yourself as cant link url till i have a descent post count
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    too much fibre need a bump

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    Bumped up for the dps stated

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    Give one frost deathknight! 7% on Tsulong then just Sha left

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