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    [A25] Postal-Aszune 13/16 HC Scandinavian guild

    Recruitment now open for all classes, primarily looking for 1-2 experienced healers but we are also interested in dps.

    Postal is a Scandinavian guild, formed May 1st 2007 with an objective of having a friendly and sociable mentality towards raiding while still maintaining solid progress.

    We raid 4 days a week 19-23 CET during progress with Tuesday, Friday and Saturday being off days; 1-2 days during farm when progress is over.

    We exclusively recruit players who understand Swedish well, since it's the only language used in raids. The guild currently has a mix of Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish members. In addition to getting by in Swedish; we look for players who are mature, patient and communicative. Being able to understand what went wrong and correct it for next try without losing focus is key. We prefer it if you are at least 18 years old but still see gaming and WoW in particular as your no1 interest.

    Some of our previous accomplishments :

    A Tribute to Insanity 22/10/09, world #56
    Algalon 26/08/09, world #236
    Alone in the darkness 31/08/09, world #137
    Heroic: Lich King 26/7/10 world #312
    Heroic: Nefarian 31/3/11, world #232
    Heroic: Sinestra 26/4/11, world #185
    Heroic: Cho'gall 4/4/11, world #207
    Heroic: Al'Akir 10/5/11, world #165
    Heroic: Ragnaros 26/9/11 world #128
    Heroic: Zon'ozz 8/12/11 world #29
    Heroic: Madness 16/2/12 world #169

    Webpage: http://www.postalguild.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Postalguild
    IRC: #postal.wow @ quakenet

    Application info: http://www.postalguild.com/apply
    Apply here: http://www.postalguild.com/forums/public/applications

    You can also send a private application to [email protected] or contact Ghostweed in game.
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    Recruitment status updated.

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    Recruitment status updated.

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