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    the set +t6 helm will look quite decent. the one that matches the colours ofc.

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    The set looks ok, but the 2 dull colours doesn't look very good to me

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    Very nice, this will be one of my favorite sets of all warrior sets. Won't transmog anything of it. Playing since Classic and there are timeless sets, but I really appreciate cool looking gear from the current expansion so I don't have to oldschool-mog.. Like this one
    I like the Mogu art anyway and this set has a perfect Mogu style and, very important to me, finally a helmet which really covers the face. Been missin' that since T13.

    Looking forward to it!

    Color suggestions for LFR / Normal / Heroic?
    I suppose white & gold is the normal one. Not sure if the light blue set is heroic or LFR, though.
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    i just find it extremly ugly... but i dont like mogu too.
    guess my sunwell platearmor has to last some more time.

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    I like it very much. We have nice, clean set that looks great and no need for transmog and we look like Mogu T14 was like joke compare to paladin's T14 for example so I'm even more happy that now we get something like this!

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    Kinda boring and bland set, but looks decent on an orc male (which my warrior is).
    So, not bad, but still the worst since tier 11.
    That's ok, warriors and plate in general has often gotten the most love earlier.
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    high warlord trans will have to last another tier

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    Which is the Raid Finder version? The gold one looks great imo, but the others look a bit off.

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    It's not as bad as T14 but it isn't much better either.
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    Anytime the warrior tier doesn't have horns I'm happy. I look ridiculous with extra horns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thesmuggler View Post
    Anytime the warrior tier doesn't have horns I'm happy. I look ridiculous with extra horns.
    but warriors always need more horns,more spikes and more COWBELL!

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    The gold version looks actually quite nice, if you don't dosplay the helm.

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    I for one love T15, it's simple and actually makes sense in terms of practicality. Definitely the best MoP set so far, T14 is uuuuglyy.

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