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    Looking for a UI addon

    So, I thought I'd bookmarked it, but apparently I haven't. It was, if memory serves, a Health and Energy/Rage/Mana/whatever mod, and it made them into rather flashy-looking circles. Any help is hugely appreciated.

    Thankies =3

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    That's not it, no =(

    It's somewhat similar to the GW2 health circle, but I can't find an image of it for reference right now. Google is of no use >.<

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    Did they completely replace the Unitframes? If so, you could try checking the UnitFrames addon section on WoWInterface - Unitframes or on Curse - Unitframes.
    Can't think of any addon that you've described...

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    Could be Kait:Auras or Roth UI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panacia View Post
    Could be Kait:Auras or Roth UI
    Haha, didn't see your post. <3 Massive thankies

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    One word: Diablo :P

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