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    Wow Size

    Hey all, this isn't exactly interface related, but seemed like the best fit: My WoW folder is a little of 50g in size, however my interface fold isn't actually all that large. I was wondering if there were a few things I could cut bug in my folder that might be unnecessary?
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    You could clear the Cache folder, though it will slowly grow in size again.

    Likely you still have lots of redundant information from previous patches left over - if you want, you can always do a full reinstall (the installer is available for download on while simply backing up your Interface and WTF folders, then restoring them to the new installation.
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    I find this really weird, as my WoW folder is "only" 21.3 gb in size. The only thing I can think of is that you have a HUGE pack of high-res images/skins/whatever for kgpanel.

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    You could try removing the Updates folder (back it up first though, by renaming).
    If that doesn't help, try using the context menu in Windows to find the largest folders / files in your WoW install, or use a program like WinDirStat which will show you the largest files/folders.
    If you don't know whether they're safe to remove, you can try renaming them so WoW doesn't recognize it anymore before deleting it, googling the names or list the folders here.

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    I believe what Treeston said would be correct. To me it sounds like the OP's wow has never gone through one of the "optimization" cycles that have happened pre MoP and I think there was another a bit later, to get rid of all the old unused patch files that add up over time.

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