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    Thinking about getting back into it!

    First of all I stopped playing, not because I got bored with the game, I always enjoyed it.

    I stopped playing because the monthly payments and work hours made the game not worth playing.

    I stopped a few months before the new xpac. Now that I will most likely be getting a new job with better hours n such I was thinking I might get back into the game. Pokemon white 2 only gives me so much enjoyment.

    The only problem I have is, I feel like I would be utterly lost and I may want to get into a brand new game rather than one that I "used to know."

    I was just wondering if anyone would want to give me some info on how they enjoy the new expansion, I was into pretty much everything, pvp, arena, dungeons, quests, raids, ect.

    Or if someone has a really nice video showing off some of this xpacs features. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Lemme clarify how these sort of threads go:

    'Only you can decide for yourself what is fun or if it is worth coming back, no one can tell you if it's fun because it's personal preference/taste'
    thread closed.

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