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    Enchanted Books...

    I was just wondering what enchanted books are used for?

    I don't enchant many items, I usually just prefer to build stuff. But why would I want to enchant a book and then use that to enchant an item when I can just enchant an item using an enchanting table? Seems like a waste of time and resources to me.

    Am I missing something?

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    You can store enchants on them. Say you have an excess levels available to you, you could go ahead and enchant some books, so that should you die and lose all your gear, you can return and enchant all your stuff!

    On my server we (plan to) sell them in bundle packages for around £4.00. You get a totally random selection, or you can pay an extra fee and get a more class (we have Classes) specific set of enchants.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Enchanting books first means you only need to make one diamond pick to get that unbreaking V looting III instead of crafting a dozen picks to get it.

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    Thanks for the quick replies! I appreciate it!

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    I love the books, they aren't efficient in the sense that cant get the best enchanted pick for 30 levels, but they do save you from having to make tons of diamond tools you'll never use.

    Id rather have a bad enchant on a book that I took all most no materials to make then to see it pop up on a diamond pick.

    It still seems like all I do is farm exp though. Repairing my uber picks are like 36 levels for 1 diamond worth of fixing, I'd like to see the repair costs lowered.

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    Books to me are quite useless... when I see them, I use them only so that I can go to my enchanting plus table and get some experience

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