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    So people didn't rage quit over pandas. So Alliance players woudn't rage quit from getting their asses handed to them at each and every conflict since Cataclysm. So Horde players wouldn't rage quit over being villains.
    This. The "LOLWUT PANDAS" reaction after the expansion announcement made them change their marketing strategy a bit. They wanted to go in a more edgy/dark route with it to keep the panda-haters interested. They also redid the Jade Forest zone during beta for the same reason, in my opinion.

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    Garrosh will die.
    They had the rough story line plotted out when they made him warchief in Cata.
    When Garrosh was made warchief, his mission in the overall plot was to bring darkness
    and dishonor back to the Horde. He is doing the same thing Grom did to the Horde,
    but without the demon blood. Thrall could never do things so dark to reignite the
    Horde vs Alliance war. So they put Garrosh as warchief to be nasty for a while
    then we kill him. Garrosh has to die for the WoW storyline to move forward toward
    the next expansion.

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    Well the circumstances of it all are still very much in question but I think they announced the ending because a lot of people were weirdly hung up on not knowing who the last boss was after the initial announcement.

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    Well, idk if it's mentioned in the thread, didn't read it through...

    ..but what if it's a red herring? Like, all of us expect Garrosh to die, it's kept in secret what happens to him like they do with Ra-Den atm, and then SHABAM! Something completely Shyamalan-like happens.

    Would be cool imo, tbh. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenosege View Post
    Isnt this like reading a book series where the author tells you how to story's going to end about two years before the last one is out?

    I think it would have been better if they kept it ambiguous. maybe garrosh would still have fans if we didn't all know that hes going to die horribly and lose the Horde.
    Knowing the ending shouldn't spoil the fun of the journey.

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    We knew every expansions endboss long before they were released.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pandragon View Post
    Actually I don't believe they said he was going to die. They just said he is the last boss of the expansion. He is being corrupted by the Sha, and we know the Legion is returning. So Garrosh might walk the path his father did and bring the Legion to Azeroth, and retreat to them before we actually kill him.
    I die a little inside, everytime people post such crap. Anything of this is true, or has been stated by Blizzard, except for Garrosh being the endboss.
    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer
    he wants to play ele shaman but it's always fucked up, so it's a state of permanently insulted, i understand that feeling as an ele shaman.

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    I am a little disappointed they told us, it seems really silly to reveal the ending theme.

    All comments are my own personal views & opinions.

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    Because people were moaning that there was no "big bad guy" to fight against in PvE. So Blizzard revealed who it was. Besides, they never said he would be 'killed'.

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