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    Quote Originally Posted by hasslehoof View Post
    Was buffed in 5.1, large influx of them on almost every server, Wowdb has it listed as a 1.6% drop chance ever since 5.1 went live. And, there's been over double the amount of drops there was previously in 3 years in just a few weeks. That's not lucky RnG, that's a change in drop chance.
    Well it could be because of the BMAH. I've seen it pop up on my server probably once a week the past few months.

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    Got mine from 10 man after about 250 kills, never bothered with 25 man. I used to solo it at 85 as a moonkin, but with all hybrids (druid/shaman/priest) that I did it with at 90 it was very easy and straight forward, even with bad gear (questing greens and blues). Especially on my shaman she just melted with all cd's. GL!
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    Got mine about 6 weeks ago with my s-priest (can't even run the full lfr, too crappy geared) and got it downed. Don't know about your gear but yeah - should be no problem.

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    Started soloing this after a guildy got it on his first run -.-'

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    Doesn't exist.

    Been solo'ing Onyxia since Cataclysm, I've probably had over 300 kills combined. Got Ashes after 50, Flametalon after 10, Azure Drake after 20, but this mount is so damn elusive :<

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    She is a stingy bitch!

    I got Ashes on my 85th over all kill. Kael was nice enough to give it to me as an early Christmas gift this year. Yet running Ony on 5 characters weekly since Cata she refuses to give me a mount. D:

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    Got Ony moount 2 days ago. Have done 91 runs in total. I had just leveled 2 more hunters for 3 chances a week. Brought my alt in for the first time and it dropped.

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    I know you're all going to hate me for this, but I went and killed her once on my Warlock for a chance to get the helmet with T2 look, because the actual T2 helm refuses to drop for me.

    The helm didn't drop. But the mount did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schirm View Post
    I am a bit annoyed it doesn't have a Feat of Strength but it's a cool mount
    It's really stupid they stoped giving rare mounts feats like ony drake pureblood firehawk life-binder, alysrazor mount, both cata dungeon mounts, etc etc

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    Pure blood hawk and Life-binder's are not even close to rare. So many guilds killed H Madness, and Pure blood could drop on normal...

    We're not talking end game raid bosses like Mimiron's Head and Invincible. Those are worthy of the FoS... the two above are not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hasslehoof View Post
    Was buffed in 5.1, large influx of them on almost every server, Wowdb has it listed as a 1.6% drop chance ever since 5.1 went live. And, there's been over double the amount of drops there was previously in 3 years in just a few weeks. That's not lucky RnG, that's a change in drop chance.
    I wish i could feel that change in drop chance haha

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    I get mad when people say "how long did u have 2 farm for ony mount???" or "cool my friend got ony mount ths week to"

    I've had mine since a few weeks after the new Onyxia was introduced you sumbitches. I want recognition of this.
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    i got ony on my 2nd try of farming on 10 man, u should be able to do it too

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    I did my very first two runs on Ony last night, and got the mount :-P Long story inc...

    I was talking with a friend on Steam, unable to find a game I wanted to play. I was on the MMO-C homepage, and saw the new Blizz-store mount. I told my friend about it, and he said, 'well, why don't you just go farm a mount you don't have? Go kill Ony or something.' I haven't fought Ony since she was 60. So I got on my 90 mage, 90 Resto shammy (just in case) and my 84 twink war (in case the helm dropped, might as well). Went into 10 man, dropped her in no time flat. Two shammy helms dropped lol. Ah well.

    Well, when the achievements popped up, the guys in my twink war's guild decided to get a run going. So I hopped on my 84 twink resto druid to help them out. We were doing the 25 man version this time (someone said that the mount has a higher droprate in 25m...meh, whatever). They decide we're about 1 DPS short, so I hop on my 90 Spriest. We go in, we have absolutely no issues at all, THE MOUNT DROPS. Whole guild is going apeshit. There are, I think 4 guildies and 2 friends of guildies in this run. The two outsiders passed on it, I think one had it already. So we all roll. I rolled with both of my chars, one got a 91, the other got a 99 lol. So I win it. I immediately learn it. A couple of people in the group are soooo pissed that I won it, being relatively new to the guild...and then one pointed out that I rolled two times on it. Now, at this point, nobody apparently noticed that I had already learned the drake lol. So I said fine, even if I drop my highest roll, did anyone roll over a 91? Nope. So I still won. So they decide to reroll. The REST of the group gave me a /grats and had already hearthed out. So I humored them. We /roll 100, I got a 99 again lol. They were so pissed. One guy offered to buy it from me, I told them (in guild chat this time) that I learned it as soon as I won it. They threw a shit fit again, only this time in guild chat. Nobody cared, but they got just so belligerent that the GM actually booted one of them lol. The other shut right up. Apparently, the one who got booted had 75 kills on Ony and no mount.

    So that's how I won the Ony drake. Slightly similar story happened for Invincible lol...first run in, it drops. Our GM had 200 runs logged on LK and had seen them twice, but lost both times. But he said they were free roll. I won (only one character this time lol). However, I knew our GM was completely floored by this, so I whispered him that I'd give it to him, as I didn't really want it that badly. But nobody else knew this, so we played along for a while. He learned the mount in front of me, after everyone had already hearthed. So he starts calling me names in chat, and the whoooooooole guild gets behind him lol. All the while we're laughing about it in whispers. We went at each other for, shit, probably an hour...until someone happened to see him in SW on Invincible :-P
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    I did it as ele in less than full dungeon heroic gear. Its easy to kill and mount dropped on my second kill on 10 man .

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    I got my ony mount first time I down ony 10m on my warlock at the start of cata. On my server there was only two until 5.1 hit when in a 2 week period 7 people got it...makes me sad

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    got ony mount on 2nd kill, and then on the 3rd kill got another for my wife....seen loads flying around on my server recently

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    Yeah two of my friends got it recently. So I decided to try it out. Did 10m on my Enhance Shammy, no drop. Meant to do 10m on my Hunter, but did 25m by accident. Decided to stick it out, and the mount drop. So only took 2 kills. I'm aware it may be extreme luck on my behalf, but it just feels like a higher drop rate.

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    Onyxia's mount is the bane of my existence... Over 150 kills across my account... nothing

    Does indeed drop on 10 and 25man though... apparently

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    You could solo onyxia at 85 already at 90 its no problem at all for any class i would think

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