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    Hey all,

    Played GW2 upon release for about 6 weeks, but with RL stuff and friends moving on - I also found myself stopping.

    But now, I'd like to re-start my GW2 time, but at a loss/can't remember where I go from 80. I know it's not the same as mmo's (the whole gear/difficulty progression), and that's fine, but I did notice they have new area's open and a new dungeon(?).

    I did WvWvW, so wondering how that is also?

    I'm on Gandara EU, so if you're a guild who welcomes casual gamers shoot me an invite "Triage Skyseige"


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    Just open the map and go wherever.

    Hardly need direction for anything. And really doesn't matter where you go either once level 80.

    There is 1 new zone and 1 mini dungeon called Fractals. Both are so clearly marked and accessible you'd see all of it quicker than typing this sentence.

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    Fractals isn't exactly a mini dungeon is it?
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    I suppose Fractals of the Mists is a kind of lobby for mini-dungeons.

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    the new map is called "Southsun cove" and you need to take a ship from Lions Arch (near the city-center) to go there.

    It's not a full fledged zone but rather a new Area where a one-time event took place in October. It had something to do with the introduction of the Fractals. There are some few events there still, but the map is rather for the JP-friends (a pretty tough one there, + a easier one) and for people who like new enemies - the Karka. I like the look of this map. New events/content for Southsun Cove are coming in the future.

    Fractals are 9 Mini-Dungeons... the Portal is in the South of Lion's Arch. You enter the dungeon with a group and get random 3 Mini-Dungeons, one after another. If you get through all 3, you get +1 to your Fractals-Rank. This way the dungeon becomes increasingly harder each new rank. In one of the next content-patches grouping gets a bit easier here.
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    Thanks Maarius!

    I actually found the guy in the pic above on my own, whilst looking on LA's map and seeing two new points of interests (the squares on the map). Also, got in a fractal (lvl1) group and completed it no worries - did help that someone knew what we had to do!

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