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    [Rift] I can't create my "Tactician"

    So, I bought myself Rift + Rift Storm Legion today.
    I read up on all the classes in the game, and the Tactician appealed the most to me. Apparently it's a class that came with Storm Legion, so I patted myself on the back for buying the complete pack (although it's a bit more expensive) instead of the standard game. But, now the problem is, when I am creating my character and I select Rogue, I only get; "Huntsman", "Shadowstalker", "Planar Sentry", "Battle Bard" and "Flame Trooper". So, logically to me, Flame Trooper would be the class that would resemble it.. But I am just incredibly confused. What's up with the whole thing?

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    "Flame Trooper" is a Tact based build. What you are looking at are not the actual souls, but pre-built builds you can choose between. Pick one and it will take you to the actual soul-tree screen and suggest points for you to follow that build. Or just close that and choose for yourself.

    On that note, I do not recommend using the pre-built builds. There are better ones. Look for the spec called "Martian." It is a great Hybrid spec that uses Tact for DPS, MM for passive abilities that boost that DPS and Riftstalker for some survivability.

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    I was confused by this at first too. You can click on the soul icon in your soul menu and switch the default "Flame Trooper" souls to something else. They honestly should be more clear about it at the start of the game.

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