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    <The Afflicted> 25man horde LF small guild merger on populated horde server 7/16HM+

    <The Afflicted> of US-Greymane is a US 100s 25m Horde guild created in August of 2005. We've consistently been the top 25m Horde guild on our server, holding realm first kills for many heroic Cataclysm bosses (including H Al'Akir, Sinestra and Nef). We're a guild you can rely on to remain a 25m, staying strong and competitive for expansions to come.

    We push to progress quickly and skillfully through hardmodes, while still being able to obtain achievements. When current content isn't pressing, we are active on the PTR to help best prepare for upcoming raid encounters. TA members are active outside of raids as well; many of us participate in alt runs, do random dungeons/achievement runs, and sell mount runs. There is also activity in PVP including arena, battlegrounds, and rated battlegrounds. We have an active vent community, and many of our members play other games together, including Dota2, LoL, D3, GW2, etc.

    We are struggling a bit currently with recruitment due to a dwindling server population and are looking for a new horde realm to transfer to and call home or for a group of raiders to come to us. We would like to either merge with another well-progressed guild with similar circumstances or find a group of dedicated progression-minded raiders looking for a guild to call home.

    We are currently 7/16 HM and 16/16 NM 25 man in Pandaria. We have room or could make room for nearly any spec currently. Speak with one of our officers or recruiters (listed below) on Greymane for specific information.

    During progression we raid 4 days/week, 7 – 11 pm CST.

    Tuesday  7pm – 11pm CST
    Wednesday  7pm – 11pm CST
    Thursday  7pm – 11pm CST
    Monday  7pm – 11pm CST (Clean-up)

    This last tier we only raided 3 days/week. With the anticipation of MoP, we have added Monday to the raid schedule to help us make a stronger push for US top 75.

    Invites go out 15 minutes prior to raid start. Raiders are expected to be on promptly and prepared to go at this time. Feasts are provided by the guild bank; raiders are expected to come prepared with potions and knowledge of the fights.

    During farm content our schedule is much more relaxed, typically 1-2 days (depending on the content) to clear. We also run optional alt raids during the weekends.

    90% attendance is required of our Members. With that being said, we understand that emergencies happen and “real life” occasionally occurs. Letting an officer know of your absence/lateness via the forums, in-game, or text message is what you should do if one of these situations occurs.

    "On time" means you are logged on your main character, ungrouped, and in the corresponding raid zone at 6:45 when invites are sent out; preferably at the summoning stone or in the instance if you are a Warlock.

    Such things as finishing arena games, instances, daily quests, or being on an alt are not acceptable and could result in demotion if it becomes a habit.

    Loot System:
    <The Afflicted> is Loot Council. We divide loot by means of a loot council comprised of the guild officers. We take into consideration various factors such as:

    • Performance
    • Raid attendance.
    • Previous Loot.
    • Current Gear.
    • How hard you try to excel in your class bracket and how you perform in raids.
    • Time put in the guild (experience).

    Applicant Expectations:
    • We are a guild who enjoys cutting edge raiding while still having a good time. We have a very laid back atmosphere outside of raiding, but when it comes to progression we like to get things done. We expect applicants to be like-minded in this aspect.
    • We expect applicants to enjoy raiding, theorycrafting and excel at all aspects of their class
    Applicants should be of a similar level of progression. We also value past raiding experience.
    • We expect applicants to be able to easily adapt to our strategies and contribute positively to our raids and guild community. This includes both in raids, and on the forums.
    • Applicants should be able to handle constructive criticism. We give applicants every opportunity to excel during their trial period. We treat them with respect, and we don't throw them out after two errors - everyone can have a bad night, even the best of players. We recognize that it can be nerve-wracking to try out in a new guild where you don't know anyone
    • We expect applicants to have a sense of humor. We like to joke around, have fun, occasionally tease each other; most of our members have been together through several expansions, and some since the beginning. We like sarcasm and the occasional crude joke.
    • We expect applicants to communicate clearly in vent when they need to, and to keep vent clear during progression raiding.
    • Applicants should have a stable connection and computer that can handle progression raiding in a 25 man environment.
    • As we require our applicants to have 100% attendance unless otherwise discussed prior to joining, we expect all applicants to be able to adhere to our raiding schedule. This also includes not AFKing regularly, arriving late, leaving early, or otherwise hindering smooth raiding.

    If <The Afflicted> sounds like something you could be interested in please speak with me (Ambíen - i is alt code 161) or BattleTag - Jen1193#1466, Kilda, Sleight, Vhal, Arriuss or BattleTag - Arriuss#1616, or Telepathy on Greymane horde US.
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