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    493 Boomkin looking for new home.

    I'll keep it short and sweet.

    Untoldbeast ~ US-Shattered Halls
    493 Ilvl.
    Played druid since Vanilla.
    Heroic raid experience in each previous expansion. None in MoP yet as I've been carrying a guild.

    Sorry I'm not allowed to post links yet.

    For parse links see: US-Shattered Halls, Synergy on WorldofLogs. Our leader hasn't posted since Jan 1 so we may be in the inactive column by now.
    For Armory search: Untoldbeast.

    Looking for a 10m or even 25m Heroic progression group. Willing to start at the bottom and prove myself.

    Battletag: Untold#1357

    Will server transfer obviously.



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    Recruited by HBDC.

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