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    Hunter or warlock for raiding?

    Not sure which one I should roll, specially since hunter might be a short straw when simming dps compared to warlock.

    -I love a class that can move while dpsing, and they both can do that.
    -I don't particularly hate pet but don't like them either

    -I love fast movement be it a rogue's sprint or demonic circle/ transcendance (monk)

    - I love bows

    -I love outplaying opponent in pvp when I do.

    - I love to be top dps and usually work my way there

    - I like big hits and/or killing things fast

    - I like Marksman, survival, affliction and destruction

    - not a big fan of BM or Demo

    so what would you say?

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    We don't allow "What class should I play?" threads solely because the choice is too subjective. Best of luck with your choice.

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