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    Finally going to college, Need some subjects to app for.

    Now 21, Worked the last 3 years (Hard) If I might add, and now I'm finally going to have time to be able to go to college. I've filled out my FAFSA the Estimated Grant is 1,900 Which will give me enough to take 3 - 4 Courses.

    I'm mainly interested in Veterinary studies and Cosmology / Astrophysics Though I'm not sure what courses would help me better achieve the 2nd other than general studies or physics, though physics isn't offered as a course at the moment.

    But what I'm asking, Assuming i'm going to Either stick with General studies or go to become a vet tech, What other courses may be of great use assuming I won't get my job of choice right off the bat.

    EX : Fitness / Massage Therapy / Security officer license / Design of some kind Etc...

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    Really you got $1900 off FAFSA? They give me nothing lol.

    Pick up a biology class and maybe an [organic] chemistry for veterinary. Astrophysics really needs a base physics class, but pick up an astronomy class anyway.

    Idk it's hard to advise you on so many choices. Don't take "core" bullshit like English or philosophy, because it seems like you're taking the classes to learn the information to use in a work environment, not for a degree. Right?

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    I do not recommend going to college when you have no real idea what you're looking to do. I'm going to go out on a short limb and wager that astrophysics isn't going to be your cup of tea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectral View Post
    I do not recommend going to college when you have no real idea what you're looking to do..
    this pretty much.

    taking a bunch of classes and hoping to find 1 you like (at that precise moment in time) wont help you for a lifetime career. you really need to find something you like, then read a ton of stuff freely available online from any major university on that subject. if you cant take the time to do that, i dont see how spending 2-3-4years of your life will be any better.

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    It sounds like you are pretty motivated from what info you've given. However it seems like your scope of interests is huge right now. If your end point you want to get to is a veterinary technician I'd say start taking some courses to complete requirements to get certified. That way if you start with those you can find out if you do if fact want to do that or if you need to change your focus.

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    Just assume General Studies (LS&A or whatnot) for the first year and be active on campus. That will allow you to experience a lot of different areas of college life so you have reasons behind whatever you choose to pursue in your later years of college.

    I switch my major like 4 times freshman year alone (which is probably why they don't let you declare anything that early :P)

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    Honestly, just look at the programs offered at your college, it should show what classes are required for each degree on your school's website. Then go talk to an actual advisor, they will be able to help you a lot more for your unique situation than MMO-C will :-P

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    Oh, I forgot to mention, it's a community college, so the programs are limited.

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    I think we could have guessed it was a community college when you said it cost $1900 for 3-4 classes. My private school costs $1000/credit, each class is minimum 3 credits (except some labs).

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    The biggest thing I recommend is a personal finance course. It is among the most practical classes you will ever take. Even if you got something like it in high school, I completely recommend taking it again in college because you'll get a better look at real-world and relevant to you for the rest of your life finances than you would at the majority of grade school classes.
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