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    Weps choice fury

    I go fury every now and then for the fun of it, I'm currently using 2 lfr kilraks as my weapons and 1 has the 500 str gem. These are the ones I should use right? Other weps I have available is 1x starshatter normal, lfr scimitar, mograine's, and lightbreaker greatsword.

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    i am by no means an expert but yeah that sounds right for fury

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    Ok, thanks, just needed a quick check. When is it safe to go TG?

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    when you have two 2 handers with the same ilvl or higher as the 2 kilraks i would say, in your case the normal starshatter and a LFR Shink'a. you could probably switch if you get a LFR starshatter aswell and still do pretty well

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    the scimitar is better than the none-socketed kilrak unless you have the prismatic socket that is available.

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    SMF -> superior on single target
    TG -> superior on aoe

    If you have x2 2handers same ilvl as your lfr 1hs, save them and only go TG for fights like windlord, stone guards. On most other fights smf will beat TG if you have the same ilvl weps.

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    Use lfr kilrak with 500str gem and lfr scimitar with 320crit gem.

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    Hey ho,

    Kilrak 483 / Dancing Steel / no socket (as I trust the Sha to drop 496 Kilrak soon and I want to spare the 10k gold because Fury is offspec)
    Scimitar 483 / Dancing Steel / Mastery+Stam-Gem (using Scimitar in tank gear, that's why no 320 crit)


    Shin'ka 483 / Dancing Steel / Sha gem
    Starshatterer 476 / Windsong / -

    I'm pretty sure Kilrak 483 + Scimitar 483 beat the twohanders, right?

    And in advance, once I've got 496 Kilrak, I guess I'll use 496 Kilrak / Dancing Steel / Sha gem + 483 Scimitar / Dancing Steel / 320 crit gem, also correct?
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