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    Lightbulb Making armor IRL. Need opinions.

    Hi there,
    So my name is Sebastein and I am a Special FX major. For my thesis project I am making a suit of armor and weapon(s)/shield from WoW. I need the opinion of you guys on which set I should make. I am open to make just about any class. I just want to know which set(s) and weapons that you would want brought into the real world. So please take a minute and let me know which set of armor and weapon(s) you would like to see. I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks guys.

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    Arthas' Armor and Frostmourne

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    I'd go for a stormwind guard armor set + weapon. Say what you want, it looks awesome.
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    See my signature for a list of armor sets that would easily suffice.

    The Lich King/Arthas or Varian Wrynn would be bad-ass as well.

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