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    Shieldwall Dailies Question

    Ok, so my dumb self accidentally abandoned the initial quest to start the Shieldwall Dailies that you get when you log in when Patch 5.1 went live. In order to get Revered with The Black Prince you need to do the Shieldwall Dailies right? So then, how and where can I begin to do these dailies?

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    if you have not completed the quest just return to the shrine and it should automatically give it you otherwise goto Lions Landing or Domination Point in Karasang Wilds

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    I'm in Shrine and I cannot find it >.<

    Edit: Went to Lions Landing and I think I found it. Told me to go to the skyship thing and do a scenario.
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    You don't have to do the dailies to get revered with the Black Prince though.

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    Just kill the NPC's on the horde island, the rares give more reputation.
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