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    <H> Area 52 Nidhogg 11/16HM Needs a DPS War/Frost DK/WW Monk for CORE spot


    Nidhögg is currently recruiting an exceptionally skilled DPS Warrior/Frost DK/WW Monk( Preferrably w/ OS, not manditory however. ) to progress through heroics. We raid primarily Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8-12 EST with cleanup days on Sunday or Monday. We are a laid back, drama free guild whose only concern is progression and holding our rank 1 spot.

    We expect applicants to be knowledgeable on all progression fights as well as complete mastery of their class. Please have at least a 495+ ilvl and heroic experience this tier. Need meter topping players!

    If this seems like a good fit for you please contact either Kneezy1337#1990 or Phazed#1409 for more information, OR go to nidhogg.enjin.com to app to us.

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    Bump, would really like to have someone fill this core spot, still progressing, but doing it with just a backup :/ WTB MELEE

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    Bump, still need that dps bros

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