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    New arena player needs help on 2v2 team

    Hi. Me and my friend are going to start a 2v2 arena team. We have both played wow for four years but have never tried arena. He only got one lvl 90 who is a Hunter so that is the class he is going to play. But i have three lvl 90. A Warlock, Mage and a Death Knight. Which one of those three works best with a Hunter in 2v2? Which composition is easiest to learn? Any advise would be nice.

    I'm sorry for my bad English, its not my native language.

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    I'd worry less about the combo and just think which of your characters you're most comfortable and fluent playing with and go with that.

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    2vs2 doesn't really matter about comp as it is SO unbalanced anyway, and seeing as you two aren't going for high rating as you're new, just play for fun
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