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    What happened to all the holy paladins?

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    Come on guys, we don't bite. Apply today!

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    Hello again minions of Azeroth! We are still looking for quality recruits to join our raid team.

    P.S. I bite!

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    I like healing buddies who heal us through the pain while we "accidentally" stand still too long in the black goo of bad.


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    Ranged > melee indubitably!

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    This has been tallied.

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    Still looking for a holy paladin to join our team!

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    We have exactly 0 holy paladins atm, so you could say our need is HIGH!

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    Good morning! Still looking for a holy paladin!

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    More holy Paladin apps right meow!

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    C'mon, where are the pallies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lugbruz View Post
    C'mon, where are the pallies?

    You keep scaring them away with your talk of DBB supremacy

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    we are fans of the holy pala


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    still looking for another heals to join our crew!


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    Currently recruiting a holy pally and a resto druid to round out our raiding ranks.

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    Holly pallie or resto drood!

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    LF resto Pallys and Holy Druids! apply!


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    Holly paladin... show up now! Or resto drood, of course.

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    Our holy pally and resto druid slots are still open. Apply before it get's filled!

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