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    [A] Alternate Reality (10) - Shadowsong EU - 5/16H

    Alternate Reality is a 10 man guild on Shadowsong with 5/16 on Heroic. We are currently looking for a few new members to help fill its ranks.

    In WoTLK as a 25 man guild, we managed to obtain high server rankings all throughout the expansion and clear nearly all content on heroic. In Cataclysm we continued 25man raiding and made good progress, but as many guilds we eventually grew bored with the content and suspended our progress.

    We are back in MoP to carry on as a 10 man guild looking to clear all content, but with a more relaxed schedule.

    We are currently looking for DPS and a Tank to fill our roster.

    Raid days are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, from 20:00 to 00:00 server time. We would prefer that raiders are able to make all raids.

    Our Wowprogress: wowprogress.com/guild/eu/shadowsong/Alternate+Reality

    To apply please go to: www(dot)arguild(dot)eu

    If you wish for more information or just a chat, please contact me via my battletag: Xarth#2179
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    Bump, looking for healers and DPS to finish normals and continue on to heroics.

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    Looking for more people to make the dream come true!

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    Currently looking for a Tank and DPS classes.

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