Hey all!
Final Evolution a 25 man raiding with 4/16HC is now looking for skilled and dedicated DPS + Healers for our 25 man roster.
We are still looking to improve our core for the upcoming raids in future, and atm there are still 5 spots avaliable.
We dont really have a "bench" but ppl who keep failing on mechanics and have low dps / heal will be replaced and talked to.

Realm: Darksorrow
Faction: Alliance
Homepage: Finalevolution.guildlaunch.com
Progress: 4/16HC (Stone guard HC - Feng HC - Gara HC - Elegon HC)

Final Evolution raid days are 3 days pr week: Monday - Thursday - Sunday from 19:45 - 23:00 (+ 15mins extra sometimes)
We have been around since Vanilla and we used to have some realm first, but not anymore since in the start of MoP we have had issues with our core.
Thats why we are now doing everything we can in our power to find players all around the different servers, and if you are good we will quarantee you a
core spot in our 25 man roster. Sometimes we also do 10 man raid on Tuesdays but thats only if we leave something up. The atmosphere in the guild is great, we are always positive and happy, and when we raid we always put 110% effort into it!

What we req from you is:
Skill and dedication
Total knowledge of your class
Flawless attendance (to be there all 3 nights)
Some decent gear (488 -490++)
Good MoP progress

I really dont have to say all the things we want from you, good players usually know what a raiding guild wants
But again we need good DPS and Healers for our 25 man roster. So if you think you got what it takes to be a part of our 25 man roster then feel free to apply on: Finalevolution.guildlaunch.com

You can also contact me on id: Oppy#1686 - I will answer on any question you got !